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Tosoh Bioscience propose des solutions en chromatographie pour la recherche chimique et pharmaceutique, la chimie médicale, l’analyse de l'environnement, la fabrication et autres applications industrielles pour tous les principaux modes de chromatographie liquide, y compris l’IEC, HIC, RPC, HILIC, SEC et AFC.

Avec notre partenaire Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH qui fabrique des papiers filtres de la plus haute qualité depuis plus de 130 ans, nous pouvons offrir plus de 150 types différents de papier en linters, cellulose et fibres de verre.

Notre partenaire, la société Dr. Möller & Schmelz GmbH, est un fabricant de milieux de culture pour le contrôle qualité microbiologique dans l'industrie agro-alimentaire et des boissons. En plus de milieu liquide et de gélose prêt à l'emploi, ils sont dédiés à la fabrication de milieux de culture sur disques de cartons (MCDC).

HaMuNa® Care

Disposable mouth and nose cover

Virus and bacterial infections are often transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person by spread droplets. They are dissolved from the mucous membranes when speaking, sneezing, or coughing and distributed in the close vicinity. However, if these droplets are immediately absorbed by an absorbent paper in front of the mouth and nose, the risk of infection for other people is reduced or limited.

Hahnemühle, an expert in high-quality filter papers, offers a perfectly aligned covering for the mouth and nose. The disposable mouth and nose cover HaMuNa Care is gentle to the skin and can be used anywhere, e.g. on public transport, in supermarkets, waiting rooms and public buildings. As a barrier, it prevents people passing the infection through coughing and corresponds to hygienic behaviour in the case of an infectious disease. It is designed for short-term and singular use. After use, it can be disposed of easily in the wastepaper collection in an environmentally friendly manner. 

  • Disposable droplet protection
  • absorbent paper environmentally friendly, 100% natural raw materials
  • Made from high-purity cellulose
  • easy to use
  • flexible adaptation to head shape
  • comfortable to wear 
  • Food grade
  • Disposable in an environmentally friendly manner
Kopf mit Maske

A special feature of the ergonomically flexible mouth and nose protection is the sustainability and 100% recyclability “Made in Germany”.
HaMuNa Care is a registered trademark. 

Please note that these disposable mouth and nose covers are not medical protective masks and there are no certifications for this!
The wearer of this cover must still adhere to other health recommendations, such as social distancing, thoroughly washing hands, etc.

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